We were born from tech

Our Technology Expertise Includes

Unmanned ground vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, virtual reality, and data analytics.



12+ Countries, 3 Continents

Operations across continents, countries and cultures requires adaptive capabilities. AHNTECH supports global organizations across three continents by providing responsive logistics, construction and acquisition services.


200+ locations worldwide

Global movement, production and sustainment of operations requires energy. Our global network of acquisition, storage and delivery capabilities address a wide range of energy requirements on three continents and in the most challenging settings. AHNTECH provides global reach through immediate support.


6 emerging technology portfolio areas

Addressing evolving operational needs that require designing new approaches and integrating new capabilities. AHNTECH provides deep experience and a network of expertise for designing, delivering and supporting technology-enabled services.


130 million gallons under management

Training, operations and logistics all require ready infrastructure. AHNTECH establishes, improves and maintains facilities needed to succeed globally. We leverage our core expertise and network of proven partners to design and deliver needed facilities support.

Our approach

We are defined by its responsiveness, adaptivity and innovation. These core competencies allow us address a wide range of projects and needs. We specialize in finding solutions to complex and nonstandard needs that blend or fall outside traditional support requirements.